Big Ed 90 Day Fiancé Dead

Big Ed Responds to Trolls on Twitter

Fans of 90 Day Fiance are well aware that Big Ed faces trolling on social media, and he rarely responds to trolls. Big Ed decided to respond to Twitter trolls this weekend. This is in response the death of Hana, a 22 year-old wrestler. She had dedicated her life to fighting online bullying and he was very upset that she died so early.

The show also features pets that the characters love. Teddy was a shichon dog that was often seen with Big Ed. Fans were devastated when he passed away in 2021. Big Ed has not yet revealed what happened to Teddy. However, his fans know that Teddy was a close friend and that his death has broken their hearts. In addition, the fans will have to get used to the silence of the 90 Day Fiance without Teddy.

Big Ed, despite his unfortunate fate has pledged to dedicate his entire life to fighting cyberbullying. While on the show, Ed first revealed his plans to Rosemarie Vega on the Season 4 episode “Before the 90 Days.” However, he was able to share the details of his surgery on the previous season of “90 Day: Bares All.”

After he fell from a bridge, Big Ed appeared on YouTube in January 2021. Thankfully, he was found alive. He also shared a video on Instagram in May 2021, sharing his colonoscopy experience and encouraging followers to have a colonoscopy. Big Ed shared his experience with a colonoscopy in the episode and encouraged his followers to do the exact same. Big Ed reportedly also had a vasectomy some time back.

Big Ed and Liz seemed to be better reunited after Teddy’s death. They were engaged in August 2021. However, their relationship was darker than they thought. There is a chance that Big Ed will rekindle their relationship with Liz once he learns to trust his fiancee. This season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After will feature the relationship of Big Ed and Liz.

Despite the show’s controversy, fans have often wished for Big Ed’s death. Many fans were disgusted by Big Ed’s rude behavior towards Rose and his contradicting claims. However, while this was not an issue for Rose and the other two couples, it sparked outrage on the social networking site. Fans claim that he was not predisposed to any health issues but he wanted to be there for Rose in her final moments.

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