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After Big Ed split from his wife Tiffany, he has been living a single life in San Diego. He was accompanied by his canine companion Teddy. After a brief romance with Rosemarie Rose Vega, Big Ed was renamed Big Ed a hunter and a prepper.

Big Ed and Rose continued to have a relationship during the 90 Day Fiance episode. During the show, he became increasingly desperate to meet Rose, despite her age difference. However, Tiffany, who is six years older than Rose, refused to speak to him. They eventually came to an agreement. Rose was disappointed by Big Ed’s inability keep her and their child together. This was the end of the relationship.

Big Ed has a complicated past. He was once married to Sandra Heckman in 1991. Tiffany, their daughter, was born in 1991. The marriage was short-lived. Big Ed and Rosemarie Vega had a long-lasting relationship after the split. The two first met via Facebook and began to correspond. The couple split after a lack of trust. These issues surfaced again when they reunited in Las Vegas.

Despite his long-term relationship with Rose, Big Ed has received worldwide exposure through social media. He had over 459k Instagram followers by June 2020 and 7.6k followers on Twitter. Rose and Big Ed met on a social networking website and fell in love. They even became close after Facetiming. They planned a surprise trip to the Philippines for Rose over the next few months. After the reunion, Big Ed was on his way to becoming a household name.

As a child, Big Ed was born with the Klippel Fiel Syndrome, which affects the development of the spine. He has a short neck, which has been a target of ridicule throughout his life. He has appeared on television and in media and has been featured in the news for the exact same reasons. He even posted throwback photos of himself on Instagram.

Big Ed became a much more attractive, but shorter version of himself in later years. He was even criticized for his treatment of Rose. He lied about his height and age and withheld his feelings about having more children. He also sent her to get a STD test and gave her mouthwash. Big Ed was accused of blackmailing her sister and using them for distinction. Rose was his only companion. He held a few occupations, including expert photographer and structural inside planner. His assets totaled more than $800,000.

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