Big Eyed Cat Meme

The Big Eyed Cat Meme

There’s no denying the popularity of the big eyed cat meme. But what is it about the big eyed cat that makes it so funny? Despite the fact that all kittens are wide-eyed, there are some things that really make it stand out. Read on for some examples. If you’re a fan of cute kittens, the big-eyed cat is the perfect way to get your fix.

A big-eyed cat is also a great mascot, as the Defi coin has a cat mascot. Big Eyes is a cute, anime-style mascot with a business attitude. The meme of the big-eyed cat has been a hit online in recent years. It is a cryptocurrency that has a community-owned avatar. Big Eyes is a great example of an internet mascot, as it brings a sense of belonging, enables voting, and encourages genuine action.

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