Blank Stare Meme

How to Create Your Own Blank Stare Meme

The blank stare meme started out as a viral video featuring rapper Kanye West staring blankly at a camera. The video, which only lasts a few seconds, quickly gained popularity among Internet users. Later, the blank stare was remixed with images and videos. This internet joke started out as a joke and has since gained millions of fans. Here are some ways to create your own blank stare. It can be used to express frustration, disappointment, or any other emotion.

The blank stare meme began on iFunny, a site dedicated to viral videos. A video of a staring hamster was uploaded there by user ThreeEyesBluePatrick. The GIF quickly spread on the website and quickly spread to Instagram and Twitter. The meme gained popularity across the internet and continues to gain popularity well into the 2020s. Although the origins of this meme are not known, they have been the basis of many memes.

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