Boars Head Ham

Benefits of Boars Head Ham

If you’re looking for a traditional ham that is both tasty and healthy, Boars Head Ham is the way to go. Slow-roasted and covered with sherry wine glaze, it delivers all the classic flavor of a bone-in ham without the fat. This ham even makes the Feingold(r) Association’s list of healthy foods. Continue reading to discover the many health benefits of this delicious ham.

From the beginning, this company has been dedicated to using only the finest ingredients. They’ve been making their meats for more than a century and don’t use any fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or trans fats. Their products only contain real meat and no other ingredients. Boar’s head maintains high standards of quality, taste, and consistency. You can find Boar’s Head ham in your local grocery store, and you can even order a deli or gourmet food shop.

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