Bombshell Net

Bombshell Net is a film that tackles stereotyping of women as “bombshells.” It protests sexualization of females and the expectation of them remaining silent in society.

Shrapnel and this figure were both created using the 2008 Robot Heroes Bombshell mold, released as blindpacked Kre-O Micro-Changers as part of Collection II.

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Bombshell was included in the first wave of Combiner Wars Legends-class toys, retooled from her Generations version with her hands holding weapons (such as her gun). She also came with Action Master partner Needler; their figure featured retooled torso and head designs as well as using tabs from Shrapnel.

Achievement and Honors

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Bombshell was an Insecticon loyal to Lord Straxus who participated in raids against Polyhex smelting pools, taking metal away into their spaceship. Later he battled Sky Lynx but ultimately fell.

This Legacy version of Bombshell was included as part of a three-figure Platinum Edition Insecticons set alongside Kickback and Shrapnel, and includes the same soft plastic energon cube accessory found with his original The Collection release. He features some slight changes such as having his horn indented instead of flattened like later releases of Bombshell.

Personal Life

Bombshell has overcome numerous personal hurdles to become one of the most compelling rappers worldwide. He credits his family, friends and other close associates as the foundation of his life.

In “Peril from the Stars”, he joined Lord Straxus’ troops operating out of Polyhex, leading a raid against two oil tankers but finding neither to be full.

Bombshell stands apart from most new Combiner Wars Legends Class figures by not offering a flexible weapon configuration system like other figures in his class do; rather, his forearms feature blaster/thruster details while his knees/beetle-butts feature 5mm posts that can serve as handle pegs instead.

Net Worth

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Margot Robbie has amassed her net worth largely through her acting career, which has established her as one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. Through films such as I, Tonya (2017) and Bombshell (2019), Margot has established an instantly recognisable global name that makes an impressionable impression when presented to potential investors.

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