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Kristen Ashley is a popular New York Times bestselling author of more than eighty romance novels. Her work has sold more than three million copies and she has received a number of awards for her writing. She has written standalone novels, series, and even self-published titles. These books have been translated into fourteen languages. There are also a number of books in the Rock Chick series, Colorado Mountain series, and The Honey Series.

One of the best aspects of this writer’s work is her ability to create realistic and engaging fictional worlds. This may be one of the reasons why she’s one of the most popular authors in the romance genre.

While she has written more than eighty titles, Kristen Ashley is probably best known for her Colorado Mountain series. Her novels are full of swoon-worthy highs and lows, as well as evocative plots that will make your heart skip a beat. If you’re not into that type of story, you may want to read some of her more conventional romances like the Rock Chick series or the Honey Series.

Another Kristen Ashley title to watch is her novel The Knight. This book follows the story of Anya Gage, an ambitious woman who works hard to succeed. As she gets older, she realizes she wants more in life, but isn’t sure which direction to go. After she attends a party, she runs into the Knight. He is a handsome, alpha male.

If you’re a fan of the sexy mogul or the arrogant alpha male, you might want to check out her latest release. Unbeautifully is a sequel to her Undeniable series. It is a hardcore biker romance, and it is the kind of romance that will make you swoon.

If you like more action-adventure romances, check out the novellas and short stories that she’s written in the past. Some of her books have been republished in paperback. Read her books for the best in contemporary romance.

In addition to her romances, Kristen Ashley has written several mystery novels, including Mystery Man and Ride Steathe. They are the perfect read for readers who want something a little different from the same old sexy babes. You can read more about these books on her website.

Another author worth mentioning is Jasmine Guillory. Her novels are filled with quirky characters that resist the stereotypical alpha male. Their stories are filled with swoon-worthy highs and cathartic lows. Often, she writes about a couple trying to deal with trauma. Unlike other contemporary romance writers, she often includes complex storylines with multiple subplots.

Aside from her novellas and short stories, Kristen Ashley has also written stand-alone novels. Many of her readers started out with her Colorado Mountain series, so if you’re a fan, you might want to give her other titles a try. Those that enjoyed the Knight might want to check out her other books, such as her Magdalene series, The ‘Burg, or her Unfinished Heroes series.

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