Boston Stabbing

Gang Responsible For Bronx Stabbing

A Bronx gang is responsible for a fatal stabbing. Police are searching for the suspects in the stabbing of a man. Kenneth Fair was 59 years of age. Police are attempting to identify the suspects, who are believed to be members of the Trinitarios street gang. He died at a hospital. Police believe the victim attacked himself while reading campaign literature.

Two men are wanted in connection to a stabbing attack in Bronx last month. The incident occurred in Norwood at 11:39 on July 6. Police responded to a 911 call regarding an assault with knife and found the victim unconscious inside his car. Multiple stab wounds were found in the victim’s body. The victim’s identity is being withheld pending notification of his family. The suspect’s cousin was arrested last week.

The victim was stabbed in the leg during a dispute with another man. After the stabbing, the suspect drove the victim’s car and crashed it into a telephone pole a quarter mile away. Jacobi Hospital was called to take the victim. He succumbed to his injuries and was identified as William Perlata Diaz, a Bronx resident. Police have not released information on the suspect.

The accused was charged with murder and manslaughter. Mesa was a victim and was suspected to have taunted locals before the attack. Rivers’ wife attempted to defend her husband by trying to thwart Mesa with a pry bar. The victim died at St. Barnabas Hospital. There are many questions surrounding this case. The family is currently trying to make sense of what happened and whether the suspects have a connection.

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