Boucheron Ring

How to Spot a Good Boucheron Ring

There are many things you need to consider when buying a Boucheron band. First, ensure you are comfortable wearing this type ring. We’ve got your back! Below are some interesting facts about these rings. Continue reading to learn more about Boucheron ring! Also, check out our reviews to find out how to spot a good one!

Boucheron designs beautiful rings as well as pieces that use gemstones in order to inspire emotion. The Boucheron collections include gemstones from rare and unusual locations, which are often set in bold and eye-catching ways. Boucheron uses nature as inspiration for its jewelry and ring designs, including the acclaimed Collection of Animals and the Quatre Edition pieces. The designers also incorporate architecture and simple lines to set diamonds in their jewelry.

In 1878, Frederic Boucheron created a necklace set with 159-carat sapphire. Marie-Louise MacKay received the necklace. Louis Boucheron, Boucheron’s son, traveled to India for the first-time in 1909. In addition, he created the emblematic Reflet watch. The brand also became renowned for their unmatched quality of precious stones. Frederic Boucheron was also one of the first modern jewelers who engraved diamonds. Using the technique he revived, he created pieces that were embossed with flowers, arabesques, and more.

Boucheron House was moved from the Palais Royal in 1893 to 26 Place Vendome in 1893. This new location has become a temple of haute French jewelry. Boucheron is well-known for its use gold, diamonds, as well as precious gems. In addition to using these fine stones, Boucheron uses exotic materials and a variety of fine gemstones. It also sources its gold and diamonds ethically. So, whether you’re looking for a classic piece or something a little more modern and playful, Boucheron jewelry is a great choice.

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