Brenda Adams

American Actress Brenda Adams Dies at 62

On Saturday afternoon, Saratoga Springs athletic community mourned the death of longtime physical education teacher and coach Brenda Adams from cervical cancer. She leaves an incredible legacy.

As part of her effort, her students, teachers and community rallied behind her fight against cancer. Blue wrist bands with “Adams Family” and “No one fights alone” messages were sold at school fundraisers to raise funds for her cause.

Early Life and Education

Adams was an accomplished athlete growing up in Killeen and played on Mont Pleasant’s 1978 Section II Class A championship girls basketball team.

She attended Brockport College, graduating with the class of 1983. Following this she moved to Saratoga Springs in 1987 where she began teaching and coaching a variety of sports – particularly field hockey.

Brenda Adams died Saturday at 54 after a 10-month battle against cervical cancer, leaving behind many stories she told and athletes who benefitted from her dedication and support. Her legacy will live on through their memories and stories she will always tell.

Professional Career

American actress Brenda Adams is known for both comedic and dramatic roles, receiving critical acclaim. She won two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple award-winning films.

She began her professional career dancing dinner theater before transitioning into stage management and eventually leading actress in film.

As a registered clinical counsellor, Brenda assists adults who have experienced violence and abuse, trauma responses to other forms of adversity, life-changing injuries or illnesses, grief and loss. Her clients come from diverse racial, cultural and spiritual backgrounds as well as sexual orientations, gender identities and socioeconomic groups with various levels of education, ability and health needs.

She conducts research on pneumococcal meningitis as a Wellcome International Intermediate Fellow and Senior Lecturer (Academic Career Track) at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Clinical Research Programme, leading a World Health Organization technical mission to investigate a 2016 pneumococcal serotype 1 meningitis outbreak in Ghana.

Achievement and Honors

Brenda Adams is an esteemed creative agency owner with more than three decades of experience. Her portfolio encompasses large branding programs, identities, signage systems and print brochures for brands in corporate culture, retail fashion and luxury real estate development sectors.

She has won three International Landscape Design Awards from the Perennial Plant Association (PPA), with garden designs published in several books as well as featured in Perennials: an Annual Book published annually by PPA.

Adams has worked in public education for more than four decades as a teacher, mentor, assistant principal and district evaluator.

Personal Life

Brenda was an incredible individual; passionate, dedicated, strong-willed, loyal, and fun-loving. Her family meant everything to her; especially her nieces and nephews whom she put first in terms of needs and wants.

As a professional counsellor, she offers various services and supports her clients who are experiencing life stresses or challenges. Her area of specialty lies in working with those who have experienced violence or abuse, trauma responses to adversity, life-changing injuries or illnesses and/or grieve over loss and grief.

She is a registered clinical counsellor serving adult clients in Duncan, BC and practices an ethical, humanistic approach that recognizes and values each individual’s dignity. Her client base includes those from diverse racial, cultural and spiritual backgrounds; sexual orientations; gender identities; socioeconomic groups as well as levels of education and health.

Net Worth

Actress Lisa Kudrow is best known for her roles in “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “Suite Life on Deck,” and has an estimated net worth estimated at $8 Million. Although her career has been an immense success, Kudlow remains discreet about her personal life.

Brenda Adams began her entertainment career by performing dinner theater. Later, she found small roles in films and TV shows. Brenda is also an experienced teacher.

She has been actively engaged with numerous volunteer and membership organizations that address issues pertaining to disadvantaged children, serving on boards such as Concerned Citizens Network in Alexandria as a board member and being a part of Junior League of Northern Virginia membership. Additionally, she served as leader commandress of Girl Scouts of Central Texas before contributing to numerous community projects.

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