Brian Boitano Wife

Does Brian Boitano Have a Wife?

The public has been wondering if Brian Boitano has a wife, especially since he has never addressed his relationship status publicly. However, Boitano had previously hinted that he had dated men before coming out. This has led to the public thinking that Boitano prefers men to women. A source recently published a picture of Boitano and his former partner Frank d’Amboise.

Currently, Brian Boitano has a net worth of about $18 million. In addition to his work in movies and television shows, he is also a non-profit founder who introduced ice skating to underprivileged youth. Brian Boitano came out as gay in 2014, but has not revealed any information about his wife or children. However, it is assumed that he is healthy as of 2022.

Brian Boitano is most likely the partner of a wife. Boitano is not married but has never been in a serious relationship. The figure skater, who is gay, came out before the 2014 Winter Olympics. Since coming out, he has maintained a relatively private life. His relationship with his wife could be more complicated than we think. While we can’t confirm if she is married, it is possible to infer her from her public activities.

Brian Boitano’s wife is well-known for being a fan of his skating career. She has also appeared on a few TV shows and films. CARMEN ON ICE and WINTER MAGIC are just a few of his TV shows and movies. He also had a cameo in the 2007 film BLADES of GLORY.

Boitano’s career took off after the 1984 Olympics. He won a gold medal with skates decorated with the American flag. His skates now belong the National Museum of American History. His Olympic performance is legendary and his wife is as well. It’s no wonder he’s married to a woman who shares his passion for skating. It’s all true, and that’s the best part!

After his retirement from the Olympic arena, Boitano continued his career as a figure skater. His early successes include a bronze medal at the 1978 World Junior Figure Skating Championship. He was the first American to win the Triple Axel and introduced the Boitano Triple lutz. He became a household name quickly with his new routine. The ice skating legend also married his childhood sweetheart.

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