Brian Danielson

Brian Danielson

He provided services for royalty and business moguls worldwide, employing personal assistants, chefs, maids, nannies, nurses and security personnel within their estates.

He has won multiple Slammy Awards, four WWE Championships and the 2011 SmackDown Money in the Bank championship.

Early Life and Education

From an early age, Brian displayed an inquisitive and creative spirit. He loved playing and spending time with his siblings; basketball or baseball were among his favorites as were piano playing and running.

He first taught at Archbishop Williams HS in Braintree, MA for several years before transitioning into administration. Since then, he has written curriculum for various schools across the country as well as spoken extensively on education and First Amendment matters.

On top of his academic successes, Stepien has contributed to musical productions as an avid astronomer and accomplished writer with several books published under his name and with Meredith Stepien serving as co-host. Their podcast called REACH: A Space Podcast for Kids was hosted jointly.

Professional Career

He later became Chief of Staff to The Royal Saudi Family, managing personal assistants, drivers, chefs, maids, nannies and security personnel in estates worldwide. Additionally he worked as a professional wrestler for multiple independent promotions such as Ring of Honor, Frontier Wrestling Alliance and Full Impact Pro.

He was an expert on the mat, with an arsenal of intricate submissions and powerful strikes to leave opponents beseeching for mercy. As part of WWE’s inaugural NXT class and manager to rookie Derrick Bateman.

Brian brings extensive legal expertise in providing advice to individuals regarding bankruptcy protection, insurance coverage and estate planning/administration as well as representing small businesses with contract creation/negotiation/Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and litigating complex workers’ compensation, personal injury and premises liability claims.

Achievement and Honors

Brian dedicated his life to serving God, his family and friends he treasured, and to the two daughters whom he adored. He was kind, loving and encouraging person with an enormous heart who shared many laughs along the way.

He graduated with a Ph.D in Organic and Physical Organic Chemistry. As an FDA chemist, he was well-liked by both colleagues and patients alike.

He is the proud father of Sherry, Jacqueline and Brandy McDonough and is being remembered with the establishment of the Brian Daniel McDonough Musical Scholarship to be presented each year to a deserving student in Lakeville at his memorial service scheduled for March 29. Eric Lind, Cathy Lind, Meghan Des Lauriers and Abby Brennan as well as 12 additional nieces and nephews are surviving him as are their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

Personal Life

He owned multiple businesses in Columbiana, including a graphic production company and mobile billboard business as well as Big Daddy B’s Kettle Corn Shop, an iconic local eatery. Additionally, he served on Columbiana Youth Baseball’s Board of Directors and as coach.

He was married to Brie. They are survived by two of his children – Owen Taylor Smith (13), and Whitley Irene Smith (11). Additionally, Kristen Watts and nephews Hayden and Jake Watts survive him as well.

Bryan Lloyd Danielson was known in the wrestling world by his ring name Bryan Lloyd Danielson and earned the moniker American Dragon due to his aggressive and volatile wrestling style. Before joining WWE, Danielson trained at Texas Wrestling Academy under Shawn Michaels and Rudy Gonzalez; additionally competing for Ring of Honor as well. A member of their Hall of Fame.

Net Worth

Bryan Lloyd Danielson is an American professional wrestler known for his success as a multi-millionaire professional wrestling icon with WWE where he earned many titles and made enormous sums of money, but also on the independent circuit where he currently works with AEW.

His annual income stands at $2 Million; when participating in large pay-per-view events, this sum increases significantly. Furthermore, over his 20+ year wrestling career he has amassed numerous luxurious properties.

Beyond wrestling, Bryan is also actively engaged in charitable activities. An advocate of animal rights and environmentalism, Bryan has been vegetarian since childhood. Together with Brie Bella he and their home worth $1.7 Million in Arcadia comprise four bedrooms covering an area of 3091 square feet.

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