Brian Lau Drie

Brian Laundrie’s Notebook May Hold Key Answers to the Murder of Gabby Petito

After his fiance Gabby Petito’s body was found in Wyoming in September, Brian Layndrie made headlines. His bio read, “Taking on van life with Gabby Petito.” It’s unclear who killed him or why he was a prime suspect. The case is still under investigation by police, but an autopsy report will be available soon. A notebook found near Brian’s corpse is being investigated by police. It may contain key clues to the crime.

The notes Brian Laundrie left behind are believed to be his suicide note, which claims responsibility for killing Gabby Petito. His family attorney revealed the suicide note to the media and the FBI. According to the notes, he claimed that Petito died after she was injured and fell. The water partially smeared the notes. Although Laundrie committed suicide, there are still many questions about why he killed her and what he intended to accomplish in the process.

Although Brian Laundrie’s autopsy has provided several answers, Gabby Petito’s family is not happy. She died of homicidal strangulation and was last seen on Aug. 25, 2021. Laundrie vanished shortly thereafter. The remains were discovered in Wyoming’s national park. They were buried three feet below the water level during the rainy season. The family of Petito’s mother says she had a mental illness and was depressed.

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