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The FBI Releases Letter In Which Brian Laundrie Admits To Murdering Gabby Petito

The FBI released a letter in the which Brian Laundrie admitted to killing Gabby Petito, 22, last year. He had written a letter in which he told investigators he killed the woman, but had also sent cryptic text messages to make people believe that he was in danger. Laundrie, who had returned to Florida in September, disappeared shortly after the murder. However, his remains were discovered in late October.

In late September 2021, Brian Laundrie and his girlfriend Gabrielle Petito disappeared while traveling. Gabby disappeared just as they were about to complete the first leg on their dream road trip. Her body was found in a Wyoming park several weeks later. The murder case quickly gained worldwide attention. Gabby’s remains were discovered near a campground in Wyoming, and Brian Laundrie was declared a person of interest. Gabby was last seen in Wyoming’s national parks. However, Laundrie had briefly returned home to Florida. After a brief return to his home, Laundrie hired an attorney and refused to cooperate with police.

The note, which was found near Brian Laundrie’s body in a Florida swamp, was partially smeared by water. It shows that Laundrie wanted people to believe that he killed Gabby Petito, and was trying to hide his suicide. A notebook with a suicide note was discovered near Laundrie’s body last October. The FBI announced in January that the note had a confession written by Brian Laundrie. The FBI found the notes almost a month later and proved that Brian was the perpetrator.

The couple began dating in March 2019 and were engaged to marry in July 2020. Police believe that they called off their engagement before they left for the trip. However, Ms Petito previously claimed that she was the victim of the attack. Mr Laundrie was making money online while the couple was on the road. Bizarre Design sold prints of his work and he also sold bookmarks, print stamps, and bookmarks. He also sold T-shirts he’d designed himself.

E! was told by the attorney for the Laundries. News was informed by the attorney for the Laundries that the family is not required to speak to law enforcement and they filed a motion dismissing the lawsuit. In the coming weeks, the judge will rule on the next steps in the case. Roberta Laundrie Petito’s mother has filed a separate wrongful-death lawsuit against the curator. No date has been set for a trial.

While Mr Laundrie did not speak with the North Port Police, his parents were alerted by the dog the Bounty Hunter. They were camping near Carlton Reserve and were on a road trip when Mr Laundrie went missing. According to the family, there were two other people camping near the Laundries. One of them, Nicole Schmidt, said that Laundrie and Petito “had met at Bayport-Blue Point High School.”

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