Brian Laundie

The Family of Brian Laundrie Hires a Lawyer to Close the Case

Brian Laundrie, a missing Long Island teenager, has hired a lawyer to represent them in their case. They believe he is responsible in the murder of Gabby Petito (a Bayport college student). Brian and Petito had met at Bayport Blue Point High School in summer 2017. They had never met and planned to travel to Yellowstone National Park together. The missing boy has not been seen since August 28th, when he was last seen in Yellowstone National Park. His parents had recommended searching for him.

Gabby Laundrie’s remains were found in the Florida wilderness on Oct 21. An autopsy by police determined that Gabby died from blunt-force trauma to his head. Brian Launddie’s remains have not been found. Gabby Laundrie’s family hopes to close the case so that both families can move on and find peace in their grief. The family is not able to say anything for certain, but they hope the case will be solved soon.

While the couple has not yet been arrested, the couple’s relationship appears to be on the rocks. Brian Laundrie has reportedly deleted the Instagram account of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, after a fight. The couple posted photos of their trip across the country. According to bodycam footage, Brian called 911 and said he had hit Gabby. After the incident, Brian was a “person of interest” and refused to speak to the police.

Although Brian Laundrie’s body was identified by dental records, his remains were sent to an anthropologist for forensic analysis. His dental records and fingerprints helped confirm his identity, and investigators are not releasing details about the case yet. No information has been released about his notebook and backpack. Brian Laundrie is not expected to be buried. Gabby Petito’s family is left to speculate about the matter.

Gabby Petito’s parents amended the lawsuit against Brian Laundrie. Brian Laundrie’s parents claim that their son knew of the death of their daughter but didn’t tell them. However, the Laundrie’s parents deny this, and have defended Brian’s actions. The lawsuit has yet to be resolved, but the details surrounding Gabby Petito’s death have sparked a national uproar.

The couple had planned to travel cross-country with the white van they used to film their YouTube channel. They gathered hundreds of thousands of followers and documented the trip on social media. However, Laundrie’s disappearance was not widely reported until 10 days after his body was discovered. The police determined that the driver of Laundrie’s van was the aggressor, and separated them. The family is suing the curator of the Laundrie’s estate.

Investigators found skeletal remains near Laundrie’s backpack that contained personal items. The back pack contained clothing, a ring, a half-written note and a wooden box. In addition to Laundrie’s journal, a small notebook and a handwritten half-note were also discovered. A revolver was found 50 to 60 feet from Laundrie’s remains and had two rounds of ammunition left in the chamber.

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