Brian Laundre

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundre Found Dead in Florida Stormwater

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundre, her boyfriend, disappeared last week. This has prompted a nationwide search for information. Police have not yet revealed any details about the disappearance of Brian Laundre, but investigators are continuing their work to search for clues in the area where they believe they found their bodies. One piece of evidence that sleuths are looking for is a sleeping bag found near Brian Laundre’s remains. The TikTok account, which is dedicated to finding clues and identifying clues at crime scenes, shared the discovery of the sleeping bag. The account, chroniclesofolivia, has been working for the case for 5 days straight and has partnered with a local woman who spends up to five hours looking for evidence.

Officials discovered the body in the storm and determined that it had been submerged in stormwater almost a month. The rapid decomposition of Brian Laundrie’s body made it likely that local wildlife ate him. Authorities have yet to release the cause of death, even though the body was found in a park infested by alligators.

The notes of Brian Laundrie reveal his confession to killing Gabby Petito. Laundrie was the fiancee of a Florida native. They had lived together in North Port FL before her disappearance. Brian Laundrie and she were planning a road trip through western America. Their last contact was a FaceTime call on the 24th of August. Brian Laundre returned home to Florida in early September. He was interrogated in connection to Gabby’s murder and was quickly arrested.

The couple shared their cross-country road trip via social media and gained hundreds of thousands of followers. Laundrie was driving a white van that featured prominently on his YouTube channel. When Petito went missing, his whereabouts were unknown. The family of Petito filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the curator of Laundrie’s estate. No trial date has been set. Contact law enforcement immediately if you or someone you love has lost a loved-one.

Police have released body-cam footage of the couple’s interaction during a domestic violence incident that allegedly left Petito and Laundrie separated for the night. Police claim that the couple was separated after an argument and released the video. Police said the fight took place after Laundrie admitted to hitting Petito. Police separated the couple until the matter could be resolved. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, you can seek help from the police.

Laundrie was not charged with the crime despite his death. A Wyoming grand jury indictment last week found that Laundrie used a debit card that wasn’t his. Petito is Laundrie’s family, according to his family. Investigators are trying to find clues in his belongings found near Laundrie’s body. The FBI has not released a statement yet.

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