Brian Laundrei

The Notebook Found Near Brian Laundrie’s Body May Hold Key Answers

Brian Laundrie was the father to Gabby Petito, the missing teenager who was assassinated in October 2015. He died of a gunshot wound to the head. The autopsy report has not yet been released, but police have been looking into a notebook that was found near Brian’s body. The notebook may hold key answers to the case. While the case is still under investigation, the notes could prove to be crucial. Despite the fact the notebook is partially smeared it is still quite informative.

Gabby Petito was last seen on August 25, 2021. Her body was found a week later. Brian Laundrie admitted to Petito that he had killed her in a suicide note. Authorities say that the note contained the words, “My baby girl, Gabby,” and they have concluded that the two had an affair. In addition, the couple had sent each other text messages to fool others into believing that Gabby was still alive. Brian Laundrie’s corpse was found in a nature preserve close to their home on October 20th.

Gabby Petito’s parents have accused Brian Laundrie of killing their daughter, Gabrielle Petito, before he went missing. Brian Laundrie’s parents claim that they were protecting their son from the media. They say that their son told them that Gabrielle had died, but did not confess it to them. The evidence suggests that Brian Laundrie could be the one who killed Gabby Petito.

While the couple had been dating for several months before the death of Petito, the two were engaged. Ms Schmidt believes that the couple canceled their engagement before the trip. The couple posted photos of their partner on social media, including on Facebook. Laundrie was arrested despite this. The police are still trying to find other evidence that would lead them to the truth. Laundrie’s family continues to seek closure for their son.

Police say Brian Laundrie was a thief. They also have a Pinterest board that documents their adventures. The search for their son has been largely focused on Carlton Reserve, which is close to Laundrie’s home. They were last seen together on 13 September. The search for Brian Laundrie was underway for several days, and their family is still trying to piece together the truth.

The investigation has not uncovered any clues about the motive of the murder. Police have confirmed that Brian Laundrie, 22, confessed to the murder of Petito, 22-year-old, after he suffered a mental breakdown. They were traveling in the middle of the country at the time when the incident took place. Laundrie was found to have a revolver close to him during forensic investigations. Laundrie had two rounds in his chamber when he shot himself.

Despite the lack of clues, the FBI has confirmed the discovery of Laundrie’s remains. Authorities found the remains along with his notebook and backpack. Although the park had been searched numerous times before the discovery, the water level had significantly increased. Police questioned the Laundrie family and contacted the FBI for information. The family still grieves the loss of their son, despite the lack of clues.

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