Brooke Oliver

Brooke Oliver is a Top-Rated California Attorney

Brooke begins Season 9 hoping to find love. When she meets Oliver she quickly falls for him.

At a party, Hope sees an individual wearing a mask whom she believes to be Ridge Forrester and blackmails him into leaving Hope alone and offering money and power in return. However, he refuses.

Early Life and Education

Brooke Oliver is an esteemed attorney serving clients throughout California with various legal matters. Her knowledge of law, professionalism and compassion for her clients distinguish her as an exceptional attorney.

As well as her role in relationship therapy and psychotherapy, she is also trained as a relationship therapist and psychotherapist. Utilizing her education in counselling, humanistic training and person-centered therapies as well as IFS therapy techniques she helps clients to heal and advance themselves.

Brooke Hathaway identifies as non-binary but chooses to identify as female. Born to Fran Hathaway and having one brother named Thierry, Brooke quickly became close with Nancy Osborne after she left their family home, filling her place within it since her departure. Soon thereafter she met Ollie and fell romantically involved after becoming friends with Juliet Quinn – until Juliet started manipulating them both into believing she wanted a breakup!

Professional Career

Brooke provides advice to domestic and multinational companies regarding employment law issues related to employee mobility, corporate transactions, labor union matters, wage and hour class and individual claims, trade secret disputes and litigation management strategies. In particular, she counsels corporations on protecting confidential information while managing litigation management strategies involving confidential matters such as Coronavirus Task Force Co-chairship as well as membership on DEI Teams of Blank Rome law firm. Brooke has litigated high-profile privacy and security cases as well as landmark Visual Artists Rights Act (“VARA”) decisions with great success.

Michael becomes suspicious of his new neighbors when blueprints that don’t belong to the building project Oliver claims he’s working on and returned correspondence appear in their mailbox, though Whit and Brooke try to disprove his suspicions as paranoia.

Achievement and Honors

Brooke Oliver is an esteemed intellectual property attorney who was honored to receive the 2021 Northern California Super Lawyer honor, awarded only to 5% of attorneys nationwide. Brooke specializes in protecting visual artists’ intellectual rights and has co-chaired the national Visual Arts & Law Conference for twelve years – often being called “folk hero of copyright law” thanks to landmark court decisions that protect visual artists.

She has also successfully protected trademarks for the LGBTQT community, assisted Burning Man with its application for 501(c)(3) status, and handled publicity rights actions on behalf of musical icons Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis.

Brooke currently leads membership and community outreach initiatives at Fort Worth Botanic Garden | Brit in Texas. She relishes creating educational events and programs that connect people to nature.

Personal Life

Oliver has become known as an expert in copyright law and intellectual property protection for visual artists. She has won landmark court cases that protect LGBQT people, assisted Burning Man in attaining non-profit status and handled publicity rights actions against artists like Jerry Garcia, John Lennon and Frank Sinatra among many others.

Brooke is an esteemed Kaurna woman who persevered a lifetime in State Care. Since then she has made it her mission to advocate for other Kaurna people as a Lived Experience Advocacy Officer, Community Educator and Cultural Consultant with organisations and institutions such as Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Relationships Australia and DCP & Create Foundation.

Professor of Surgical Technology at Richland Community College and member of several committees such as BETA Committee, Employee Relations and Development Committee and AQIP Strategy Forum team.

Net Worth

Brooke relocated from college to Los Angeles after graduation to pursue acting full-time. She attended workshops at The Second City, an organization which teaches improvisational comedy, where she met renowned actors like Steve Carell and Tina Fey as well as minor roles on TV shows like Freshman Dorm (with Paige French and Robyn Lively) and Beverly Hills 90210 with Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty.

Brooke also makes money trading stocks. She has made many lucrative trades – one was worth $82,240 alone! Her current net worth stands at approximately $2 Million – this impressive achievement for such a young actress is due to both hard work and talent.

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