Brooklyn And Bailey Mascara

Brooklyn and Bailey Mascara Review

Recently launched as a collaboration between Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, the cult-followed YouTubers have announced their first mascara. Titled The Lash Next Door, it features two unique elements that lengthen and volumize lashes. The formula is safe for eyes and the brand donates two percent of profits to the Girl Up foundation. These two YouTubers gained fame first for their hairstyle videos. They have since grown an empire on YouTube with more than 5 million subscribers and 600 million views.

Brooklyn and Bailey mascara’s unique double phase formula is a big selling point. It allows mascara to last up to eight hours without clumping. The mascara is lightweight and easy to use, even when layered. Brooklyn and Bailey’s mascara is safe for your eyes, unlike other mascaras that contain harsh chemicals.

The video was funded by YouTube subscribers. Since then, they’ve gone on to become brand ambassadors for J.C. Penney and Girl Up, as well as collaborating with the university of Arizona on backpacks. The duo will be attending college next year and will continue to create videos to inspire others. They are currently on their way to a university, where they’ll study entrepreneurship.

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