Bryant Gumbel’s

Bryant Gumbel’s Son, Bradley Christopher

Bradley Christopher Gumbel is Bryant Gumbel’s son and has lived an isolated lifestyle since 2021; not active on social media platforms or making any appearances in public.

He was arrested for snatching purses from Manhattan’s Upper East Side; however, surveillance camera footage eventually cleared him of all allegations against him.

Early Life and Education

Bryant Gumbel married June Baranco in 1973 and they had two children – Jillian Beth and Bradley Christopher – before divorcing in 2001.

Bradley kept details about his personal life private, though his engagement to a woman in 2002 never materialized into anything lasting.

Bradley attended Lynn University in Boca Raton before enrolling at Manhattanville College. Following his decision to drop out of school, Bradley found employment as an event planner and worked at many parties as a professional event coordinator for an extended period.

He lives with his younger sister, a yoga instructor. As of 2021, he does not appear active on social media and prefers living a private life in Waccabuc, New York. Additionally, they own an estate in Westchester.

Professional Career

Gumbel began working for Westvaco Corporation, an industrial paper manufacturer, as a salesman before quickly transitioning into being an anchor on an NBC sports program after impressing their executives with his on-air performance.

His next big break came in 1975 when he joined GrandStand for National Football League pre-game shows broadcast on NBC. Since then he has hosted various sporting events on this network.

Gumbel was married to June Baranco from 1973 until their separation in 2001, for unspecified reasons, although later marrying Hilary Quinlan in 2002. Gumbel is noted for his impeccable preparation and strong memory – two qualities which have proven invaluable during live television broadcasts; however, his perfectionist traits sometimes lead to conflicts within his working environment.

Achievement and Honors

Bryant Gumbel has made a profound mark in journalism, sports journalism and news coverage for decades; from his debut on The Today show to hosting Real Sports today.

Real Sports is a show that showcases the finest in sports journalism without being restricted by league affiliations, sponsors, or fandom. Real Sports has been honored with several honors – four Emmy Grants and three NAACP Image Grants to date.

Bradley Christopher Gumbel is the son of well-known TV journalist Bryan Gumbel and has mostly lived an undisturbed life despite experiencing legal trouble in the past. Here’s everything you need to know about him as an individual – as well as information on some notable movies including Nicolas Cage’s Weather Man where Bradley appeared alongside Michael Caine!

Personal Life

Bradley Gumbel is well-known to the public due to his appearances in various TV shows; however, he has managed to keep his personal life private.

Bradley Gumbel was born to June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel in 1973, but they divorced later that same year. Jullian Beth now resides with him as well, who works as a yoga instructor.

Bradley has maintained his quiet lifestyle, keeping his personal life out of the public eye and not engaging on social media. It is thought he is living peacefully in semi-rural Waccabuc, New York; though he has made cameo appearances in movies/TV shows such as Games People Play, The Weather Man, The Nanny and Dateline.

Net Worth

Bryant Gumbel’s son Bradley Christopher has built up an impressive fortune through hard work over time and is currently quite wealthy. However, he prefers keeping his personal life hidden from public scrutiny.

His mother June Carlyn also boasts an impressive net worth and owns both an Upper East Side apartment as well as a Westchester estate, where his sister Jillian Beth Gumbel works as a yoga teacher.

Gumbel attended Lynn College in Boca Raton and Manhattanville college but left shortly thereafter, without graduating either program. In 2002, he was arrested on allegations that he robbed a woman on Manhattan’s Upper East Side by means of a tall black man similar in height to Gumbel who then fled into nearby East Harlem. The victim reported her attacker was named Gumbel himself.

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