Caleb Plant Net Worth 2021

Caleb Plant Net Worth in 2021

If you are looking for Caleb Plant’s net worth in 2021, you have come to the right place. This professional boxer is from Ashland City, Tennessee, and he lives in Los Angeles, California. Plant started boxing at the age of eight and became a champion in 2011. He also competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Caleb Plant is a professional boxer

Caleb Plant is a professional boxing champion who holds the IBF super middleweight title. He held this title from 2019 to 2021. Plant is one of the most promising prospects in the world.

He has an undefeated record

Caleb Plant began his boxing career as an amateur, finishing with a 97-20 record. He won the 2011 Golden Gloves championship. In his professional debut in 2014, Plant signed with Al Haymon and began to rise through the ranks. In 2015, Plant made a promise to his daughter Alia, who passed away in 2015. His mother passed away in January of this year, but Plant has continued to fight and is now undefeated.

He is associated with SNAC nutrition

Caleb Plant makes a lot of money from endorsements. He is associated with SNAC nutrition, which is an athletic nutrition company that sponsors world-class athletes. In addition, he is an endorser of Avianne Jewelers, a luxury jewelry brand. Additionally, he is also associated with the shoe brand Shoe Palace.

He lost his championship title to Canelo Alvarez on November 6, 2021

On November 6, 2021, Caleb Plant was knocked out twice in the eleventh round by Canelo Alvarez, and lost his IBF championship title to the Mexican. Plant overcame a number of personal tragedies to earn his shot at Canelo. But the Mexican was undefeated and spoke of his national pride before the fight.

His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million

In 2021, Caleb Plant will fight for the undisputed super-middleweight title against Canelo Alvarez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The value of the boxing champion’s net worth is around $2 million, and it will likely grow exponentially in the coming years as he enters his prime.

He earns a good amount from endorsements

Caleb Plant has been making a good amount from his boxing career and is currently earning about $1.5 million. In addition to his professional boxing career, he also has a number of endorsement deals. Some of his major endorsements include Avianne Jewellers and Shoe Palace.

He has a daughter

Caleb Plant has a daughter named Alia, who was born in 2013. She has suffered a great deal during her life. Her death was a painful experience for both her parents. She was born on May 7, 2013 and died on January 19, 2015.

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