Caleb Williams Mom And Dad

Caleb Williams’ Mom and Dad

Caleb Williams is one of the top players in the game of football. The 20-year-old quarterback threw for over 4,000 yards last season and was named the Elite 11 MVP. He is also expected to be among the first picks in the 2024 NFL draft. Despite his young age, Williams has already proven that he can rise to the top of the game thanks to the support of his parents. In fact, he’s already one of the favorite candidates for the Heisman Trophy.

Caleb Williams was born on November 18, 2002, in Washington, DC. His mother is Dayna Price and his father is Carl Williams. While his mother is African-American, his father is of mixed ethnicity.

During his high school days, Caleb Williams attended Gonzaga College High School. Aside from his athletic achievements, he is also the team captain for his team. He has been a star player, and was a runner-up for the Heisman Trophy. Although he is currently a freshman in college, he is a starter for the USC Trojans.

Since he was a child, Williams has been surrounded by his father, who is a professional player himself. He was a co-owner of the Athletic Republic Capitol Region, a facility that provides specialized sports instruction. He has been a guide to Caleb, giving him the freedom to make his own decisions.

Having a father who is an expert in football has played a crucial role in his development as a football player. Carl and Dyane Price, his mother, often watch him play and support him in his games. They are always there to cheer for him and motivate him. Their presence, in addition to their love for the sport, have contributed to Caleb’s success.

Carl Williams has been a coach and mentor to Caleb since his early years. He has guided his son in his career and helped him reach his full potential. One of his goals is for his son to be the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Carl and Dayna are African-Americans and they married in the year 2000. They have two children, and all three are active in athletics. For the past four years, they have been living in Washington, D.C. They have both been present for all of Caleb’s games, and they are usually by his side.

Before entering the transfer portal in February 2022, Caleb Williams’ parents had decided to send him to the University of Southern California. This choice was not predestined, as USC did not have a good reputation in the sport. However, the Williams family wanted Caleb to focus on his preparations for the NFL.

After a month of his entry into the transfer portal, Caleb was able to leave the Oklahoma Sooners. Afterward, he signed a contract with the USC Trojans. By the time of his sophomore season, he has already passed for 2,624 yards and 19 touchdowns. Additionally, he also rushed for 838 yards with 18 touchdowns.

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