Camp Camp Max Parents

David, despite his inability to make friends at camp with other children, is an admirable figure. During a performance, he shows Max a signed form for Max’s parents. David panics when he discovers that the form is blank. Campbell also panics when the form is discovered to be empty. Luckily for him, he has his own parents to turn to. But what if his parents aren’t there?

David is an incredibly supportive and loving father, and he returns Max’s actions by giving him the attention he craves. He teaches Max compassion as a result. David even helps Max make friends, which makes him more tolerant and understanding. Gwen and David show kindness and understanding towards Max and his family, despite Max’s cynicism. Max’s story is not over.

David saw Max’s parents in a vision. He pictured them sitting in a tent, holding papers, and crying. He then saw Max slowly walking back to his car. David snapped Max into reality as he came up behind. While David was yelling something, David was holding papers. David couldn’t control his tears so he tried to calm down. David knew his parents’ pain.

Max’s only sentimental item is the missing teddy bear, which Max brought to camp. Max’s parents are not in touch with Max. Max’s parents did not leave any contact information nor his last name so it is unlikely that he was in the same situation as other campers. However, Max’s teddy bear, Mr. Honeynuts, is one of Max’s last possessions.

In addition to being a prankster, Max has shown some mature opinions about the world. In “Mind Freakers”, Max has proclaimed that ghosts exist and acknowledged that the forest attacked campers. His sober view of people and the world has also helped him become an even better person. He knows he will be able make friends and that it is only a matter time before he can earn the trust of his parents.

David’s parents also welcomed his friends’ parents to the camp. David was initially hesitant, but he is now confident that his parents will be able make friends with him. After all, a camp is a family! It can be difficult to find a parent who is comfortable with their children. But David isn’t the only one who’s upset. The campers are not the only ones who need a therapist.

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