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Author and Communicator – Candice Henry

Candice Henry is an author and communicator with extensive experience training young leaders. With 13 years of writing and speaking for young women’s empowerment groups, Candice holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Liberty University’s Executive Leadership programs.

Henry utilizes painting history, color spectra and seriality in God Speed Speed Demon to explore the visual language of abstract thought.

Early Life and Education

Candice Sheree Henry, a 2022 graduate from Trinity, made an exciting visit this week to share with students her writing and publishing process as well as some helpful tips that could assist them with getting their books out into the world.

She discussed the significance of setting realistic and manageable goals and not overextending yourself. Lauren and she are experienced success and influence strategists, having conducted training for multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, as well as colleges and universities worldwide.

They share a passion for giving back, as evidenced by their publication The Daily, which assists individuals in optimizing their daily routines and habits to reduce stress while increasing productivity. Furthermore, they co-founded Aretios – an organization that equips individuals to identify their purpose and expand their influence – as well as founding The Daily.

Professional Career

Candice Henry is an award-winning writer and communicator specializing in sharing truths about beauty, purpose, and achieving dreams. In her free time she enjoys travel styling as well as event styling; her work has taken her all across the country where she enjoys meeting passionate young women determined to make an impactful difference in the world.

She serves as dialogue facilitator and FullCircle mentor for InterFaith Works as well as lead instructor of First-Year Seminar. To create an inclusive environment beyond campus walls, she volunteers her time cleaning community parks and gardens.

Her passion for the American Civil War led to reenacting, where she quickly found new friends through the hobby. Unfortunately, pandemic forced her to put it aside temporarily but she is eager to resume shortly.

Achievement and Honors

Candice Henry is a talented author and communicator who has written articles, blogs, podcasts and podcasts, speaking engagements for young women as well as raising over $1 Million for charity causes through fundraising efforts and giving back. Together with her sister Lauren Henry she co-founded Aretios group where they teach personal development, leadership communication teamwork high performance.

At a time of post-truth politics, perceptions of reality and objective observation have become more essential than ever. Henry’s work touches upon concrete poetry, pilgrimages, deities and demons, car racing and concrete poetry to suggest any search for universal truth is tied inextricably to contemporaneous experience. Graduating students of Weill Cornell Medical College Class 2023 gather for Convocation on May 17 in Uris Auditorium.

Personal Life

Candice Henry leads an active lifestyle. She enjoys writing, traveling, event styling and reading – activities she finds particularly fulfilling as an advocate of women’s health and well-being. Through her platform she uses to inspire others with life lessons from a religious standpoint.

Candice has always had a passion for music and has participated in various musical ensembles throughout her life – choir, orchestra and band among them. Additionally, she plays trumpet professionally and has participated in several bands and drum corps.

Civil War reenacting has become her pastime since 2003; she joined the 97th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Since then, it has provided her with friends and ultimately led to meeting her future husband – they named their daughter Emma after an obscure Civil War soldier and Alexander after one of America’s Founding Fathers!

Net worth

Candice Bergen is an esteemed American actress and model, estimated to have an estimated net worth of $50 Million. Her wealth stems from a successful career spanning TV sitcoms, movies and endorsement deals.

She has also been featured in fashion magazines and endorsed various products, as well as being involved with philanthropic work.

Bergen attended Westlake School for Girls in Beverly Hills before enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania where she earned Homecoming Queen and Miss University titles. However, after her second year she left due to neglectful studying which resulted in failing two courses and dropping out due to stress-induced anxiety attacks. After marrying Louis Malle (French film director) she gave birth to one daughter before his passing from cancer in 1995.

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