Cari Farver

If you have ever wondered if the young woman who went missing from Iowa last year was really a stalker, you’re not alone. Cari Farver, a computer whiz, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression in her late 20s. By the end of 2012, she was taking medications to treat her conditions, and she held a steady job as a computer programmer. She was in a casual relationship with Dave Kroupa, her boyfriend. She vanished from her home on November 13, 2012, leaving behind some belongings.

The episode follows the disappearance of Cari Farver, an Iowan woman who stepped into a deadly love triangle. The episode integrates archival footage and one-on-one interviews with all of the people involved in the case. The show also features a photograph of Cari’s car. Ultimately, the storyline comes to a satisfying conclusion, and the mystery of her disappearance is finally resolved. You’ll see what happened next.

Raney filed a missing persons report with the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities didn’t find any trace or Farver. Investigators later found a photo of Farver’s Ford Explorer in Golyar’s phone dump. The photo also included metadata showing the date it was taken. After more than two months, the investigation is complete. And in the meantime, Farver’s killer may be free!

This shocking episode of Dateline’s Secrets Uncovered featured Shanna “Liz” Golyar as Cari Farver, an aspiring model. For four years, she sent hundreds of messages to her ex-boyfriend, family members, and boyfriend. Golyar was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime. She posed as Cari Farver over four years. If you’re a fan of this show, you can catch up on the latest episodes.

Cari Farver lived close to Kroupa’s apartment. She visited it often for work projects. She gave Dave a goodbye kiss and then disappeared the morning after her disappearance. In the four years since her disappearance, Farver texted Kroupa about moving in with him. Although she declined politely, the two continued to communicate via text. If she had a boyfriend, she would have a place to stay.

Cari Farver was a young woman who disappeared from Omaha, Nebraska, in November 2012. She had been romantically involved with Dave Kroupa for a few months before her disappearance. In fact, she had met both Kroupa through an online dating app. However, her disappearance remained unsolved for several years. Shanna Golyar was later found guilty of her murder, many years later.

Flora Golyar could not provide any details about the crime, despite Doty’s efforts. Instead, Golyar sent Flora an email stating that Farver had been stabbed “three to four” times and that she had placed Farver’s body in a bag. Doty became increasingly frustrated, and she sought out more information from Flora. She was eventually unable to locate her. A friend of Farver’s told Doty that she was “in danger.”

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