Carin Leon Friend

Carin Leon, originally from Mexico City, gained international attention last year when she performed at the Hermosillo festival. Her music is filled with flamenco and mariachi elements. Since then, she has appeared on Grupo Firmo’s ‘El Toxico. She is a rising star, who has no doubt come a long way. With her debut single, ‘Friend,’ she has made her way to the US.

Carin Leon, a Mexican singer/songwriter, is making waves with her Mexican music. She is well-known for her viral cover song of Tu by Fleetwood Mac and she is expanding the boundaries of Mexican music. We spoke with Leon to discuss her new album, collaborations and what inspires her music. Leon started playing guitar at the age of fifteen, despite not being from a musical background. Since then, she has been practicing and performing for fans all over the world.

Her 2019 album El Malo features a fusion of mariachi, ranchero, and polka, bandas and corridos. It has been airplayed extensively in Mexico and the US. Her song “Me La Avente”, her first ASCAP award, has also received significant airplay. “Friend,” from the album, was released on September 23. It received positive reviews from music fans and critics alike.

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