Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony’s Case May Not Be Over Yet

In December 2017, Anthony talked about the case and the film she’s working on. She acknowledged that people disliked her, but said she didn’t care. She revealed that she’s been keeping a social life, and enjoys drinking with friends at local bars. Some men who are attracted towards her will even buy her drinks. Her lonesome life, however, is still the focus of attention. Anthony hopes to move on from this incident before it ends.

This case is just the latest in a long list of controversial cases involving the woman accused of murdering her daughter. While the cause of death of her daughter is unknown, it is clear that Anthony’s relationship with the truth was troubled. She lied about the credits she took to graduate high school and college, and about her virginity during pregnancy. Cindy, her mother, claimed that she had gained weight since the incident.

While Casey Anthony’s case may not be over yet, the court’s ruling was a turning point in her life. Her private investigation business will play a major role in her case. Anthony’s new business is not yet clear how much she will receive. The news of her new company has fueled speculation that she’s attempting to reclaim Caylee’s innocence.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution tried to present text messages showing Anthony’s motive. These texts reveal how the mother felt about her child. The judge rejected the testimony as it would have connected Anthony with the case. Even though it would have connected Anthony with her brother, the testimony of her ex-fiancee would not have been in her favor. The defense never asked the brother. This is a shameful outcome.

The jury found Casey Anthony not guilty on all charges. Despite the media circus surrounding the trial, the wrongful conviction of the mother of a two-year-old, Caylee Anthony, was overturned. The Florida fifth district court found Anthony had lied to officers about the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s disappearance and death. Casey Anthony was convicted of four counts of lying to police officers during the investigation, but was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter charges. She was sentenced to four year imprisonment, plus time served, after her trial.

Cindy Anthony, Cindy’s mother, testified in the case against Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony was unable to deny the allegations against her. Although she was a mother, she still had to contend with her own daughter’s behavior. Casey Anthony’s mother attributed her daughter’s behavior to her nanny, a wealthy suitor and the car accident that occurred while Casey was away. These accounts didn’t hold up under scrutiny.

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