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A Look at Cashay’s Instagram Feed

Cashay’s Instagram account will show you her life outside of Love Island USA. The 25-year old model, dancer, waitress, currently resides in New York. She is a waitress by profession, but she is also a model and a member of the modeling community. She posts pictures and videos of herself in different clothing. She is well-known for her support for Kamala Harris and her celebratory dancing, and has amassed a large following.

Her Instagram feed is full of pictures from modeling shoots and dance videos that showcase her bubbly personality. The teen has even appeared in The New York Times when she congratulated Joe Biden. Despite her fame, her popularity keeps growing as she becomes more popular. In addition to modeling, she also performs in music videos on her channel, TikTok. Her popularity skyrocketed and she was featured in a New York Times piece sporting the Vice President’s campaign hat.

Despite her popularity on MeAww Cashay’s love life has been difficult despite that. She was excluded from the initial coupling after forming a love triangle with Cinco and Trina. Eventually, she turned her attention to Isaiah and he took her on a date. A romantic encounter between Wes and Cashay became viral after Wes expressed interest in Cashay.

Despite their differences on the show, they have kept in touch. They often share videos with each other and with other cast members. They also posted videos of themselves with their mothers and relatives. It is unclear how their relationship will unfold in the future, but for now, they’re still friends. They are still as cute as they were on the show, but who knows? We’re now going to take a look at Cashay’s Instagram.

Cashay’s career and life are varied. She lists her occupation as a waitress in New York and a model. She has even modelled for Lusty Doll and has a job at Smithfield Hall, a sports bar in Brooklyn, which is considered one of the best in the world. She has also worked with top brands like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. competed on Love Island. They got back together in the end. In the finale of the third season of love island, they were seen kissing outside the villa. And they both revealed the news of their breakup on their IG stories. Although they’ve yet to find their dancing partner, they are still in touch. They will likely continue to keep in touch.

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