Catherine Maggie Mcdonough

Neal and Catherine McDonough

Neal McDonough and Catherine McDonough recently shared an Instagram photo of their family. Their daughter, 13-year-old Catherine, is a model for Smash + Tess, and she looks remarkably similar to her mother. Both have fair skin and ocean eyes. She was a model and also a Girl Scout leader.

Cathy and Dale reunited in Washington, D.C., on June 6, 1953. Cathy accepted a position as a nurse at the Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia, and Dale went on to teach anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania. They met again in Evansville, Indiana, through a mutual friend. They decided to open a practice in the city and they were married in 1954.

Catherine McDonough is the oldest of five siblings. She is an actress, model, and actress. She has an upcoming movie starring her. Neal McDonough and Catherine are adamant about keeping their daughter’s whereabouts private, and she might work in this area as well in the coming days. As she grows up, it is possible that she will work behind the camera.

London and Neal are the actors and models. London McDonough is their third baby. She looks just like she did when she was a little girl. In the future, their family will probably be collaborating on a film together. In the meantime, Catherine McDonough and Neal will keep on performing. Both of them have a successful acting career and are currently working together on a movie.

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