Catherine May Wood Fort Mill Sc

Cathy May Wood in Fort Mill SC

If you have been in Fort Mill, SC, and heard about Cathy May Wood, you might be worried about her safety. Since her release, the convicted murderer has lived with Cathy May Wood, her sister. She is still considered dangerous to others and some are concerned she will kill again. Michigan Police Sgt. Roger Kaliniak is one such person. He worked on the case and believes that Cathy Wood was the mastermind of the Alpine Manor Nursing Home murders. He believes that Cathy Wood was the brains behind the crime, while her partner, Gwendolyn Graham, handled the dirty work.

Catherine Wood was released after being convicted for the murder of five women in a Michigan nursing home. In the meantime, she has moved to Fort Mill to live with her sister, whom she knew. The convicted murderer will have to pay for the crimes she committed. Her sister will also be living with her, as well. Although she will struggle to find work, she is trying to make a new start.

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