Catherine Reitman Botched

Catherine Reitman and Her Botched Surgery

You may have heard of the scandal surrounding actress Catherine Reitman’s botched surgery. If you haven’t seen her in recent TV shows or movies, you might be wondering what went wrong. What caused her granulomas defect To learn more about this scandal, read our full breakdown of the film. But before we get started, let’s look at a few of her most memorable roles.

Although it is not known if Reitman’s lip-shape was a mistake, it is something she has not spoken out about. Her upper lip has always been a source of gossip and she’s been teased about it ever since. Philip Sternberg is Reitman’s husband. He is a television producer and actor. He is also nominated for a Bell Media Award and a nomination for Best Comedy Series for Workin’ Moms.

Although Reitman is not willing to comment on the controversy surrounding her lip surgery, she has made fun of it in past appearances. Her lips, despite being small and unusual, have been criticized since she went under the knife. Many have compared her lopsided lip to her father’s – a former plastic surgeon. Reitman was helped by Dr. Paul Nassif, who fixed the problem and helped her recover.

Reitman’s lip-op was a huge mistake, but it didn’t ruin her career. Reitman’s lip surgery controversy is still being resolved. However, her appearance is not what it was. Reitman is now back to work as an actress, and her new job as a TV personality will make her famous. In the meantime, her lip resurfacing is gaining a cult following.

The actress is 5’6″ tall and 132 pounds. Her hair is dark brown. Her upper lip was deemed unattractive and underwent lip surgery to make it larger. Catherine Reitman has a public Instagram account where she shows off her new looks and reveals her plastic surgery stories. The following article will answer your questions about her botched surgery.

Reitman was cast as Kate Foster in “Workin’ Moms” and launched a film review website in 2011. In 2017, she took over from Kevin Smith as guest host on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast series. Reitman also appeared in various other films and TV shows. Reitman later established Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment with her husband, Philip Sternberg. Currently, she has two children.

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