Cereal Walmart

Cereal at Walmart

You can find a variety of great value cereals at Walmart. Many of these products are made by Kellogg’s and General Mills, and are sold in great value boxes next to their signature brand counterparts. Walmart’s goal? To sell similar quality products at a lower price than other stores. While some people may prefer to buy name-brand cereals, the majority of shoppers can’t afford them. The store sells Great Value products but they are made by other companies to keep the prices down.

A cereal inspired by a candy brand is a great choice for a new breakfast option. Many cereals have had candy-themed packaging over the years. Pop-Tarts Cereal was first introduced in 1994 and is now an exclusive Walmart product. This brand can be purchased at Walmart for $3.64 per carton. You can choose from vanilla or strawberry. These are not exactly healthy options.

A recent recall of a popular baby cereal is making headlines. The inorganic arsenic in the recalled Parent’s Choice baby cereal is called “Recall”. The food company has removed this product from its shelves and placed a’registration block’ on the packaging to prevent further sales. The cereal’s best-by date is JUN 24 2022. This is well beyond the guidelines established by the Food and Drug Administration.

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