Chable Mommy

Chable Mommy Needs Your Help

After giving birth, Haedi Chable lost the baby she gave birth to at Northern Regional Hospital. Despite having a healthy pregnancy, she waited for hours in labor and pain for the delivery. At two o’clock in the afternoon, she finally made it to the delivery room. Juanito, her husband, was with her to Belize City when he heard the devastating news that their son would not survive. Although it is not clear if her husband will be capable of protecting his son, it is possible to help.

The Mayan culture has long been an inspiration for the creation of Chable, a hacienda-style resort in the heart of the Yucatan jungle. Though it underwent restoration, the resort still reflects the beauty and culture of its surrounding area. Its location and design honors Mayan culture, and the ancient ceremonies and rituals of the ancient Mayans are celebrated. Even the name sounds mysterious! The Mayans believed that this place held a portal to the afterlife and the underworld. Guests are invited on a journey to the past and to experience the magic of Chable.

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