Charlene Van Monaco Plastic Surgery

Charlene Van Monaco – Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Charlene Van Monaco’s famous photo might have you wondering if she had any plastic surgery. Some subscribers believe that Charlene went to a plastic surgeon and were unsuccessful, while others suspect that she had botched an eyelid operation. The truth is, only Charlene knows for sure whether she underwent plastic surgery. She has yet to reveal what kind of procedures she had done, but her face seems a lot plastic.

Charlene was admitted to the hospital in September after suffering from an ear infection. Charlene had an operation to treat an infection but she was already weak and couldn’t be revived. Her husband intervened to get her to the hospital. Prince Albert stated that Charlene was transferred to a treatment facility “elsewhere” in Europe because of her health. Despite her coma, Charlene has not stopped making public appearances.

Last spring, Charlene was supposed to visit South Africa to pay tribute to the late King of the Zulus, Goodwill Zwelithini. During her time in South Africa she had to have several operations and was diagnosed with an ENT infection. Rumours about her whereabouts have circulated. Some think she was being held for failing plastic surgery. Others believe she is in South Africa recovering from a serious ENT infection.

Whether Charlene is having plastic surgery or undergoing liposuction, the Princess is a beautiful example of a celebrity who is seeking treatment. Charlene has an excellent reputation for putting her face on display. She’s seen in numerous magazines and has received awards for her efforts. This is a testament to her dedication to her appearance. Charlene is always the center of attention. A beautiful smile will make your face look even more beautiful.

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