Chelsea Houska

A Closer Look at Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska is a fashion designer you might have heard of. Although her childhood was difficult as a single mother, she managed to keep her head up and earn a beauty degree. Later, she met Cole and decided to create her own clothing line, which is now wildly successful. Fortunately for her, the rest of her life has gone much more smoothly than her early years.

Chelsea Houska has four children since her debut on Teen Mom 2. She was first pregnant with Adam Lind in 2009 and then she married Cole DeBoer. They now have three children and hope to welcome a fourth in August 2020. Houska is open for media interviews and brand partnerships, even though the show is over. She is a successful television star and avid reader of the latest parenting trends.

Her photo-doctoring has been widely criticized in her line of products for parents. Chelsea doesn’t use Photoshop to edit her photos. She uses filters on her Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Although it is unclear if she will continue this career, her recent success is encouraging. In addition to her home and office designs, Chelsea also sells products that help make her home cozy and beautiful. These products include table runners and art prints, candles, and even beanies.

The new reality TV show that Chelsea Houska is starring on will feature her own home design business. After her Teen Mom days, she was offered a new HGTV show called Farmhouse Fabulous. She loves working on her home and is already making a profit. Her net worth will increase due to the new business she is starting and filming for the show. For now, she has a net worth of $2 million.

Houska’s career began on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. She then went on to star on Teen Mom 2, which she’s now exiting from after 10 seasons. Her exit from the series is expected to occur in November 2020. She is currently preparing her fifth child with DeBoer. She is also an actor and singer.

The couple planned a small, private ceremony to celebrate Chelsea’s pregnancy. The ceremony was private and included family members. The couple had previously considered having a “DeBoer Dozen,” but decided to have four. In August, she announced her pregnancy. The couple are now preparing for their first child with the help of a personal stylist.

Teen Mom 2’s 2016 season was filled with rumors, threats and expulsions for Chelsea Houska. While producers tried to keep their star, Houska decided to take a break to focus on other projects. She’s all set to graduate from MTV High! And who doesn’t love a break from reality TV? You can still catch her on her brand new show.

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