Chicago Shooting Caught On Camera

Chicago Shooting Caught on Camera

In Chicago, a shooting was caught on camera. A gunman shot and killed a woman in a Chicago store in a chilling video that was released by police. The gunman was among the eight people who were hurt. A Chicago police official has vowed to track down those responsible, and a strike force is being formed in the city to target illegal gun traffickers. But what was caught on video? There is a video of the shooting that caught the world’s attention.

Surveillance video captured the suspect in the fatal shooting. The shooting took place on June 15, near a CTA red-line station. The video shows an armed man walking in an alleyway before he enters the station. The man then fired two shots and fled in a black SUV. Police are asking anyone with any information to call them. The video is a disturbing piece of evidence, and they want to catch the shooter.

The gunman was seen by dozens of witnesses and caught on surveillance video. Afterward, dozens of police officers converged on the scene. Police officials said that the gunman aimed at a police officer. They are continuing to investigate the incident. As of now, no other information has been released. The shooting was caught on surveillance video, which means it can be watched online for free. The footage was captured on camera, and it has since been a viral news story.

The FBI and police searched the downtown area looking for surveillance cameras. A yellow caution tape had been placed around the Jewel-Osco supermarket parking lot. The entire lot was cordoned off by law enforcement. Five days later, the scene was still the same. It is not known how many cameras were present in the area or if any of them have been destroyed. But the video was the first proof that a gunman was behind the crime.

Many of the videos depict the life of the killer. In one of the first clips, he skateboards and plays rough-housing with his friends. A few minutes later, a motorcade from the government pulls up alongside a neighborhood and he’s spotted. During the investigation, police have been scouring the neighborhood for the gunman. The police dragnet was expanded to other neighborhoods in the suburb and neighborhood. Crimo also uploaded 17 YouTube videos to his account.

Another video captures the scene at Highland Park. A Highland Park couple, Hal and Geri Emalfarb, own a building just steps away from the shooting. According to them, Bobby Crimo was looking up at a surveillance cam when he dropped his rifle from his blanket. Police say he then looked up and realized that he’d been caught on camera. The surveillance footage was released to the public a few days after the shooting.

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