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Chick Austin Net Worth

Austin Chick is the man behind hit films such as XX/XY and August, as well as writing and directing Girls Against Boys. Through his filmmaking career he has amassed an impressive net worth.

Morena Baccarin and Austin Chick have been engaged in an on-going bicoastal custody dispute for their two-year-old son Julius, which she shares.

Early Life and Education

Chick Austin was born in Hartford, Connecticut and is an American filmmaker and screenwriter. He directed two movies at Sundance that premiered this past January – XX/XY and August (also written) as well as Girls Against Boys (written). For his early education he attended High Mowing School before later graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers New York.

At Harvard University, Chick studied art history with Edward Waldo Forbes specializing in Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modernism. Later he participated in an archaeological expedition to Egypt and Sudan with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Boston.

Chick exhibited his love of both ancient and contemporary works during his tenure at the Wadsworth Atheneum, collecting Renaissance pieces while championing Surrealist and Modernist pieces as well as featuring both in his personal home – with centuries-old Italian villa features outside, yet modern design on the inside.

Professional Career

Chick Austin was the curator at Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, CT and worked tirelessly to incorporate modern art into American culture. This included organizing the first Picasso retrospective ever presented in America and organizing Surrealist art shows; additionally he helped facilitate choreographer George Balanchine’s immigration to America which resulted in founding School of American Ballet.

Austin is both a writer and director. He made waves as an emerging director with his 2008 movie XX/XY; both writing the screenplay as well as directing. Since then he has directed multiple other movies while keeping a clean-shaven head and brown eyes; British ethnicity. Austin currently lives with his wife in New Haven, Connecticut.

Achievement and Honors

Chick Austin was one of America’s most groundbreaking museum directors. A noted connoisseur of modern art, Austin brought George Balanchine to America and established Wadsworth Atheneum as an epicenter for contemporary culture. Furthermore, Austin scandalized Hartford by introducing modern theater and music performances as well as bringing Asolo theatre from Europe to John Ringling’s Ringling Museum in Sarasota – while also scandalizing him at first with modern theater and music introduction.

Even after spending several years unsure of his career direction, he eventually found and excelled in it. After attending High Mowing School boarding school in Wilton, New Hampshire and receiving scholarships from the King Foundation to study at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers where he received degrees in both psychology and literature, he achieved success and flourished.

He is an award-winning director, writer and producer. In 2002 he directed and wrote for XX/XY and in 2012 Girls Against Boys; additionally in 2008 at Sundance Film Festival August premiered under his production.

Personal Life

Chick Austin was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He attended High Mowing School and Sarah Lawrence College – where he received funding from the King Foundation – to study literature and psychology before going on to SUNY Purchase Film School to obtain his degree in cinematography.

From 1927 to 1944, he served as director of the Wadsworth Atheneum and made significant strides toward modernizing it as an art museum. In this capacity, he organized America’s first Picasso retrospective and Surrealist show as well as inviting George Balanchine over to establish what eventually became New York City Ballet.

He is married to Morena Baccarin and they share one son named Julius. Currently, his focus lies with his career; he is working on multiple films which will be released soon.

Net Worth

American cinema director Jon Favreau is estimated to be sitting on an estimated net worth of a considerable fortune, having amassed wealth through both his filmmaking and acting endeavors.

James Spader is an iconic face in movie and television, known for roles in Deadpool, Serenity, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and Gotham. Married to Morena Baccarin since 2007, they share one son named Julius.

Chick was co-producer of the 2007 movie XX/XY and August, writing and directing its sequel in 2012 which won Grand Jury Prize at New Hampshire Film Festival. Chick currently lives a single life and focuses on his work.

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