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Ex-Ohio State Police Chief Thomas Retaining His Post

Thomas has over 38 years of experience working in law enforcement and public safety. His vast expertise lies in leading large departments.

He joined other conservative justices in voting along partisan lines in major cases such as Bush v. Gore (2000).

As was Antonin Scalia before him, he believed the Constitution should be interpreted in light of how it was understood at its ratification date.

Early Life and Education

He holds advanced training in incident command, active shooter operations, narcotics detection and counterterrorism awareness as well as having extensive experience working public safety at the state level.

Thomas was widely lauded, yet his conservative political beliefs earned him intense criticism from Black civil rights leaders. His indecisive responses in Senate confirmation hearings and his friendship with Harlan Crow, a wealthy real estate developer who donated to Liberty Central drew additional fire.

Thomas has championed originalism on the Supreme Court, an approach to constitutional interpretation that emphasizes close reading of textual sources. His dissents in cases like Gonzales v. Raich demonstrate his willingness to challenge decades of precedent; unlike some justices he has consistently applied this method of legal analysis.

Professional Career

Thomas is an established expert on law enforcement policy and procedures. He has published multiple articles related to search and seizure, and holds both a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice as well as advanced law enforcement training courses.

Thomas was instrumental in ushering the Kansas City Chiefs into an era of playoff success during his career, amassing more sacks in the 1990s than any other player and forcing multiple fumbles and scoring touchdowns on fumble returns.

He served in various capacities in the Navy, such as VAW110 fleet replacement instructor; flag aide for Carrier Strike Group 5 commander; director, 21st Century Sailor Office (N17); and assistant deputy chief of naval operations Operations Plans and Strategy N3/5B – as well as being deployed for Operations Enduring Freedom, Freedom’s Sentinel, and Inherent Resolve.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas spent his tenure as chief working to enhance internal investigative units and professionalize an institution which had struggled with an image of corruption that marred their reputation. Additionally, he hosted a forum on improving how judges are selected in Ohio as well as making legislative proposals regarding reporting requirements and minimum professional qualifications.

He has received multiple awards and commendations, such as Defense and Meritorious Service Medals, Navy Achievement Medals, Unit Commendation awards and more. In addition, he graduated from both Navy Senior Enlisted Academy and CMC/COB Course; received his Master of History degree; joined both FBI National Executive Institute (229th session of FBI National Academy), International Association of Chiefs of Police as a full-member; as well as being appointed the new Chairman for IAPCOB in Turkey.

Personal Life

Thomas was often considered conservative during his time on the Supreme Court, such as his 2000 decision to end Florida recount and award George W. Bush the presidency. Additionally, Thomas rarely asked questions during oral arguments, prompting critics to accuse him of an inadequate understanding or an arrogant approach towards cases.

As well, he was widely respected for his expertise in search and seizure; law enforcement policies and procedures; as well as other key law enforcement disciplines. A member of several professional law enforcement organizations, he published extensively on these subjects.

He established the Third and Long Foundation to aid inner city youth learn to read, as well as enhance their life skills. Unfortunately, at 65, he succumbed to a pulmonary embolism.

Net Worth

Thomas has worked in wealth management throughout his career and holds multiple roles within it; these include serving as head of division wealth management at SunTrust Bank and managing director at GenSpring Family Offices – an advisory group providing independent advice for high net-worth clients.

Additionally, he serves on the boards of Atlanta Children’s Foundation, Zoo Atlanta Leadership Council, and Peachtree Road United Methodist Church as lay leaders. In addition, he holds his Certified Financial Planner(tm) certification and served as president of Atlanta Society of CPAs in his previous life.

Thomas has amassed his fortune primarily through his Supreme Court salary and appreciation of property, in addition to earning income through book deals and teaching.

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