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A Look at Some of the People Who Have Made a Difference in the Community

Childers Adams hails from Macon and serves as a partner at Childers & Adams law firm. With expertise in employment law, discrimination and commercial transactions he is adept at civil litigation matters and specialising in employment litigation matters.

He has successfully handled numerous jury and bench trials, in both state and federal courts, as well as administrative hearings before both Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Oklahoma Human Rights Commission.

Early Life and Education

Childers Adams began his life spent much of it traveling across Europe and on diplomatic missions. He attended several different schools including an academy in Paris and the Latin School in Amsterdam.

Adams decided to return to America and pursue a legal career upon returning. He graduated from Harvard College in 1787 and soon after started practicing law in Boston.

Adams served in the Continental Congress and played a significant role in the American Revolution. Although initially reluctant to join popular resistance to parliamentary policies, he eventually supported colonial radicals. After being elected vice president in 1789 by popular vote he was reelected two years later and again served as vice president until 1792 when his term expired. Adams was also an integral component of Philadelphia Convention’s Constitution writing effort which culminated in it ratification in 1788.

Professional Career

Childers Adams has dedicated over half of his life to business. From 1965-1996 he served as an executive at Mobil Corporation; currently, he teaches business administration at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

He serves on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) board, where he chairs its Executive and Compensation Committees as well as its Program Pricing Formula Review Subcommittee, among many other committees.

He currently resides with his wife and three daughters in Macon, Georgia where they all attend River North Golf and Country Club as proud owners and operators. Additionally, he once served with the City of Macon Police Department as lieutenant and then chief of criminal investigation division.

Achievement and Honors

As a high school art teacher, Childers has made her mark by developing an arts program that serves many talented students from diverse mediums – computer art to graphic design – all under her direction. Childers’ curriculum centers around exploring both creative aspects of art as well as its ability to help develop critical thinking.

As a testament to her accomplishments, her efforts have been recognized with multiple awards such as being named May 2018 Cengage Faculty Partner of the Month, 2017 Carol Dochen Developmental Educator of the Year, and 2014 recipient of CRLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award. Additionally, she serves as Senior Fellow in Blinn College Future Works Academy as well as speaking at numerous conferences; truly a leader in her field that has left an impressionable mark on students.

Personal Life

Stephany Childers, a former waitress and self-employed craftswoman, turned her talents into a successful handbag business. Combining vintage clothing and sewing expertise with creativity is at the core of Stephany’s mission.

Her designs reflect her respect for the pioneer spirit of America’s American West and she works to craft quality pieces with care rather than fast fashion trends.

Childers has found that Roseburg’s small-town lifestyle provides her with an ideal setting to unleash her creative energies. She joined a support group for other self-employed women and also appreciates becoming part of Roseburg’s small-business community.

Childers worked for Edgewater Coal Company during the 1920s as a coal miner, traveling six miles each way and earning beginning wages of fifty cents daily as an entry level “chalkeye”. Coal loaders received even less.

Net Worth

Ambyr Childers is best-known for her roles on television shows like Aquarius, Ray Donovan and You. Additionally, she has worked on several movies.

She is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million through acting and other business ventures.

Randall Emmett was her film producer husband; they married in 2009 but ended their relationship in December 2017. However, in December 2017 they parted ways.

Childers has amassed an extensive following across social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook (she runs Ambyr Childers Jewelry).

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