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Recent advances in proteome analysis enable identification of proteins affected by high osmolality conditions in CHO cells. Our results confirm that osmotic stress induces significant adaptation at the proteome level.

CRISPR-Cas9 stands out as an efficient genome editing tool in CHO cells due to its time efficiency compared to ZNFs and TALENs, producing predominantly single base indels with minimal damage caused by mutation. The frequency of indel frequencies indicates the efficiency of Cas9 system.

Early Life and Education

Cho was raised in Seoul, South Korea where his family faced financial strain. Although financially limited, he channeled his passion into philosophy with dreams of becoming a professor.

Cho entered Virginia Tech without disclosing his mental illness to anyone, including university administrators or his doctors; also, no disclosure was made to counseling center regarding any thoughts of violence he was harboring within.

Cho has appeared in various television roles, such as starring as the MILF character in American Pie and its three sequels as well as numerous sitcoms including FlashForward, Off Centre and Go On. Cho made an international impactful statement through Selfie (2014) as MILF; since then he has made more movies and written books.

Professional Career

Cho first rose to fame with a guest appearance on ABC soap opera One Life to Live in 1996. Since then he has made guest appearances on numerous other television programs like Law & Order and Off Centre as well as making films like Shopping for Fangs. Cho even played an unhinged camera on an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

As a medical student, Cho is committed to improving veterans’ mental health. He participates in research studies and works closely with UCLA-DGSOM’s Military and Student Veteran Network; additionally he co-founded and leads Sanders Sides; an organization which facilitates dialogue on sensitive topics that have traditionally been avoided within society.

In 2022, Pat Tillman received the Pat Tillman Scholarship. This honor honors military veterans pursuing careers in public service, advocacy, or patient care.

Achievement and Honors

Cho was honored with the U.S. Medal of Technology for his contributions in molecular beam epitaxy that have led to modern communications devices, as well as receiving academic awards and fellowships.

Episode 3, “Orange Blossom Ice Cream”, finds newly graduated academy Vega trying to appease Cho by asking him to join her at a crime scene. Although he reluctantly agrees, she then lies about it being approved by Abbott which causes much unhappiness among Cho, as he does not appreciate dishonesty.

Rigsby first appears as one of the front pallbearers at Vega’s funeral service and later serves as one of his pallbearers at his own.

Personal Life

Cho is known for his quiet yet subdued personality. As evidenced in Crimson Casanova, he can also be quite seductive when courting women. Additionally, he’s quite superstitious.

Although Cho is in Jane’s department, he does not appear particularly invested in her personal life. For example, during season 5’s finale when Vega informs Cho that Jane wants to move with Pike to Washington without his approval, he does not even acknowledge or express sympathy towards Jane’s feelings.

He shows more interest in Lisbon’s relationship with Wiley, however. When he learns that they are engaged to be married he was extremely happy for them both. Additionally, he served as one of the front pallbearers at Vega’s funeral and presented her aunt a flag which they then hugged close before ordering Chinese food for lunch afterwards.

Net Worth

Net worth is calculated as the sum of one’s assets minus liabilities. Assets refer to anything that can be exchanged for cash, such as real estate, investments and savings accounts; liabilities include credit card debt, auto loans and personal loans as well as any outstanding balances.

Cho shot to prominence after his appearance in the 1999 comedy American Pie, which made the term “MILF” famous. He went on to reprise this role in American Pie 2 and Reunion.

Cho has also played in the band Viva La Union and established himself as an author with some success. Furthermore, he’s an advocate for gay rights whose efforts have earned him multiple awards and accolades throughout his career. Cho is an American national.

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