Chocolate Brown Fur Coat

How to Wear a Chocolate Brown Fur Coat

The dark side of the moon might have you at a loss, but you can’t deny the fact that your hunch is right. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some tips to get you on the right track. Firstly, slap a tuxedo on. Second, grab a snazzy swag bag. Third, throw on a stylish scarf and you’re good to go. Fourth, throw on a snazzy coat. Finally, show off your new bling with a matching necklace. If you’re lucky, you may find yourself a member of the posse. Oh, wait, you’re a woman. This is not a sex game. Hopefully the tips above have worked for you. Lastly, congratulate yourself. For the most part, you’re in the clear. Now, get out and have some fun. I’m sure your friends and neighbors will be equally as impressed. You might even find a new friend in the process. Besides, you’re now a true fashionista.

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