Chocolate Olives

Chocolate Olives

Chocolatiers have taken note of consumer demand for heart healthy options and have modified classic chocolate recipes by including olive oil as an ingredient – not only does this reduce calories but it also adds depth of flavor.

Choose an extra virgin olive oil with fruity and peppery flavors rather than grassy or bitter notes; light oils also work but won’t have as strong an impact.

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These succulent almonds from Provence are coated first in premium dark chocolate and then in white chocolate tinted different hues to replicate natural olive colors, making this treat the ideal aperitif or after-dinner treat to enjoy as an aperitif or after dinner treat – they also make for an entertaining gift idea! California Residents should view Prop 65 WARNING.

Rozsavolgyi chocolatiers take pride in being Hungary’s only bean-to-bar chocolate producer, with an aim to craft delectable yet artistic chocolates, all while emphasizing quality. Rozsavolgyi loves entertaining audiences while sharing its passion for chocolate with them.

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Chocolate confections containing plump almonds from Provence coated in dark and white chocolate tinted green and black hues that simulate natural olives are the ultimate symbol of Provencal markets. These delectable treats make delicious additions to Provencal markets!

These roasted almonds dripping in green and red chocolate may appear like cocktail garnishes, but are actually chocolate-covered almonds! A fun way to surprise guests at any martini party as well as an April Fool’s Day gag.

Green olives have long been touted to increase male virile, while dark chocolate has long been believed to enhance sexual pleasure – this combination makes a delicious aphrodisiac snack! These bite-size morsels of tart olive and velvety chocolate will ensure an intimate evening.

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Plump almonds from Provence are carefully coated in dark and white chocolate tinted in various hues of green and black to mimic natural olive colors, transporting you back to their markets! Perfect as an indulging treat for martini lovers alike! Non-alcoholic, California residents please refer to Prop 65 Warning before consumption.

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