Chrome Heart Uggs

Virgil Abloh and Chrome Hearts

Virgil Abloh has a special relationship with the Chrome Hearts brand. He was the first to contact the brand, which is based out of San Francisco in 2013. Abloh wanted to collaborate with the brand because they were friends. Stark initially refused to work with him. But their relationship grew and they eventually began to work together. Since then, the Chrome Hearts brand has become an instant cult and sought-after status symbol.

Chrome Hearts was founded by Richard Stark in 1988. It has grown to be a well-known clothing, leather and accessory brand. The company is well-known for its unique designs, high quality craftsmanship, and bad-boy attitude. Their signature look is chunky and gothic. The company also makes clothing for women. The brand also offers a full line in shoes, leather accessories, jewelry, and other accessories. Chrome Hearts is an American brand, and all products are made in the United States.

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