Claudia Rolling

Claudia Rolling Testified Against Danny Rolling in the Gainesville Murders Case

Claudia Rolling testified about the physical abuse her son received at the hands of Rolling, which helped the defense argue he was mentally unfit to stand trial for any Gainesville murders. Her testimony provided powerful support to this position.

Psychiatrists concluded that Rolling was suffering from borderline personality disorder, which is characterized by extreme mood swings, impulsive behaviors and feelings of anti-socialism. Reportedly he believed he had multiple personalities who frequently switched roles.

Early Life and Education

James Rolling was a police officer and served in the military during the Korean War. Claudia tried to leave him multiple times without success. Finally, during an argument between family members in May 1990, Danny shot his father several times; although he survived with one eye and one ear injured permanently.

Rolling was found guilty of multiple murders between 1993 and 2004, attributing them to abuse he experienced as both a child and prisoner, his divorce from Claudia (from whom they had two sons named Daniel and Kevin), his abuse during these encounters, as well as London (his former partner). Their relationship was explored in Errol Morris’s series First Person.

Professional Career

Claudia’s practice specializes in healthcare and regulatory law. She assists clients in compliance and risk management issues related to Medicare enrollment/reimbursement/Stark Anti-Kickback Compliance/HIPAA Compliance as well as malpractice matters and professional licensing board matters.

After breakfast, Claudia heads over to Mary Anne’s and discovers that Stacey and Jeremy have separated. Claudia is taken aback and spends much of her day worrying over this news.

Rolling was found guilty in Gainesville murders after police discovered DNA on his mutilated body parts linked to the crime scene. Later, Rolling admitted his guilt as well as another spree of similar killings in Shreveport, Louisiana. Mental health professionals concluded he suffered from personality disorders from years of being mistreated by his father.

Achievement and Honors

Claudia is a first-generation college graduate. As part of her efforts to give back, she joined Breakthrough as an instructor of their freshman seminar for their students.

She is an accomplished corporate attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions for both private and public companies, with an excellent track record for successfully closing transactions, as well as strong international business development experience and project management abilities.

She was recently honored with recognition on both the Provost’s List and Honor Roll for every semester she completed, honoring those with grade point averages over 3.5. Additionally, she serves on the boards of Soul Fire Farm Institute and Black Farmer Fund Pilot Community as well as co-founding The Circle of Change. Furthermore, she volunteers regularly with several local organizations, such as Fill A Heart, YMCA, Trinity Hospital.

Personal Life

Rolling’s childhood was marred by physical abuse from his police officer father. This likely contributed to his later behavior – often drawing dark, sexual images and asserting multiple personalities.

Rolling’s confession included killing one person for every year spent behind bars. Additionally, he admitted his participation in both Gainesville Ripper murders as well as three family murders in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Rolling was executed in 1989 amid anti-death penalty protesters singing Kumbaya and Blowin’ in the Wind outside his execution chamber. A tape recording him singing gospel songs at his camp in Florida where he committed his crimes was discovered there after they committed theirs; Rolling was ultimately charged with six bank robberies and five murders.

Net Worth

Claudia Schiffer has achieved significant milestones throughout her long career. She earned numerous awards and distinctions such as Bambi Shooting Star in 1991 and Fashion in 2017. Additionally, Claudia has appeared on multiple magazine covers.

She has made remarkable strides in business with her exercise videos and calendars, enjoying tremendous success. Additionally, she was recently appointed UK goodwill ambassador for UNICEF as well as being the spokesperson for Make Poverty History.

She lives an extravagant lifestyle characterized by both history and modern art, owning both. Her primary residence is a Tudor mansion in England which she shares with her family; additional properties include flats in London and Suffolk. As of 2018, it is estimated that she has amassed an estimated net worth of between $8-9 Million.

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