Clinton County Humane Society Connery

Adopt Connery From the Clinton County Humane Society

If you love dogs and are looking for a great family pet, consider adopting Connery from the Clinton County Humane Society. This big boy likes to sit in your lap and think he’s your favorite lap dog, but that’s not his style. Sponsoring him can help pay the adoption fee, but you must be ready to give him the attention and meet his needs.

A volunteer of the Humane Society of Clinton County recently entered a photo of Connery in a local pet photo contest. After she saw that her photo had won, she decided to make the dog a winner. Connery is a pitbull terrier with a personality that shows her pitbull heritage. Her favorite past-time is splooting on the floor. She was awarded the prize because of her efforts with the Humane Society.

The HSCC is currently renovating its facility in order to better serve animals, potential pet owners, staff, and volunteers. The gift card will be used to purchase paint and materials. It’s important to note that the new facility will also accommodate a bigger staff and office space. It’s difficult to imagine a better environment for these animals. Taylor and Butz are proud of Connery’s obedience training achievements.

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