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The Cobb Estate in Marietta, Georgia – A Hotspot For Hiking, Jogging and Biking

The Cobb Estate in Marietta, Georgia is a hotspot for hiking, jogging and biking, especially during the warmer months of the year. The Cobb and Lake Avenue corridors bring foot traffic to a roar, with locals and tourists alike taking a break from their rat race. Among the many attractions the area offers is the Cobb Estate, a mansion built in 1918 that was donated to the United States Forest Service. A recent study commissioned by the USFS indicates that the area is home to more than 400 acres of wooded land, with the largest tract being the Charles Cobb mansion. Despite its storied past, the palatial mansion is still a beacon of splendor, with a number of perks including an exclusive wine tasting room.

The Cobb and Lake Avenue corridors are also home to some of the best shopping in town, as well as some of the best nightlife in the state. In addition, the area is home to some of the most exclusive museums and art galleries in the region. The most recent and pricier of these institutions, the Cobb Estate, is also home to the city’s most prestigious library. In fact, the library contains an impressive collection of works by authors including Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and William Shakespeare.

On a related note, the Cobb and Lake Avenue corridors are also home a plethora of swanky restaurants. As well, the area is host to some of the world’s finest hotels, including the Cobb and Lake Hotel and Spa, the best of the bunch. This, coupled with the area’s plethora of parks, makes the area an excellent place to stay if you’re in the neighborhood. The area is a great launching pad for exploring the many historic and architectural treasures in the area, not to mention the many breweries and distilleries. Combined with the area’s proximity to the greater Atlanta metro area, it’s the perfect spot to make a weekend of it.

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