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Vincent Kartheiser – Actor – Colette Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Pete Campbell on Mad Men and has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards alongside his castmates. Additionally, he appeared in Alaska and Masterminds.

He and Rachael Leigh Cook had an intense four-month romance in 1998 before starting dating Alexis Bledel of Mad Men fame in 2012. They announced their engagement in March 2013 and got married later that summer in California; together they have one son together.

Early Life and Education

Vincent Kartheiser hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA. He began acting with Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis where he made appearances such as Pippi Longstocking and Our Town.

He made his big-screen debut in 1993 in Untamed Heart with a minor role, and since then has gone on to appear in family films like The Indian in the Cupboard and Alaska as well as appearing on television series such as Angel and Masterminds.

Most viewers know him best for his portrayal of Pete Campbell on Mad Men, for which he earned six Screen Actors Guild Award nominations and twice won, alongside his co-stars. Additionally he starred in In Time as well as providing voice acting work for Rango – both films featuring film work as well as theatrical stage productions by Guthrie Theater at Again Day in Paradise and Pride and Prejudice respectively.

Professional Career

Kartheiser first gained global acclaim as advertising executive Peter Campbell on Matthew Weiner’s Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning series Mad Men (2007), but his acting career spans decades prior. Making his screen debut in 1993’s Untamed Heart with a bit role, followed by family movies like The Indian in the Cupboard (1994) and Alaska (1996) he soon established a solid career track record.

Kartheiser’s public image took a turn for the worse during an interview with The UK Observer when he declared he didn’t own a toilet at home – while technically true, this statement conveyed an image of living without access to basic facilities at home and instead using his neighbor’s facilities for toilet use.

While on his hiatus from Mad Men, actor Jon Hamm has appeared in numerous independent films and stage productions. Additionally, he provided his voice for Joss Whedon’s Angel (1999), guest starred on several ER episodes such as CSI: NY and Money shows as well as having guest starred for several others like Money.

Achievement and Honors

Kartheiser has garnered much acclaim for his portrayals as Connor on WB television series Angel and Pete Campbell on AMC period drama Mad Men, for which he received six Screen Actors Guild nominations and won twice alongside fellow cast members.

Kartheiser appeared in the independent film Beach Pillows (2014) and led Death of the Novel (2014) – both returning him to his theatrical roots at Guthrie theatre in Minneapolis. Additionally he has made guest appearances on several series such as ER (1994), BBC America’s Money (2010) and The Cleveland Show (2009); plus lending his voice acting talent for Rango (2011) on screen.

He is engaged to actress Alexis Bledel and currently resides in California. Recently he began to reduce his possessions by giving up ownership of both cars and personal items that had become unnecessary for living life fully.

Personal Life

Kartheiser remains an approachable individual despite his hectic schedule, enjoying spending quality time with his family by attending Minnesota traditions such as Holidazzle parades in winter or visiting various parks during summer.

He is happily married to actress Alexis Bledel and shares one child. They tied the knot in June 2014, and since then have been living happily together. An avid romantic, this actor practiced his proposal with his Mad Men co-stars before finally asking Alexis out on an official date.

Kartheiser revealed to The Guardian (UK) in an interview that after experiencing Hollywood’s material excesses, he decided to simplify his life and move into a tiny house without toilet facilities!

Net Worth

Vincent Kartheiser is an American actor best known for playing Pete Campbell on Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning television show Mad Men, as well as appearing in various other movies and TV shows. Born May 5, 1979 in Minneapolis Minnesota to James, a construction equipment salesman, and Janet, who ran a nursery, Vincent is his parents’ only child; with Nathan as one brother and four sisters named Andrea Colette Elise Theresa all living nearby – with Andrea Colette Elise Theresa being his sisters’ names! At 15 he dropped out of Apple Valley High School to pursue acting – dropping out at Apple Valley High school due to the intense demands of acting classes at Apple Valley High.

In 2012, he met actress Alexis Bledel whom he eventually married in June 2014. Together they own a Brooklyn duplex penthouse and prefer living sustainably by using public transit and walking as much as possible.

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