College Of Tragedy 5e

The College of Tragedy – A Subclass of Bard in World of Warcraft

The College of Tragedy might be a good choice if you are looking for a subclass to your Bard. This class supports other classes in your party and helps them hit harder than their enemies. The mechanics revolve around the Bardic Inspiration, so the more you can buff an ally, the better. You can also play this subclass with any other Bard subclass to make it stronger. You can also use the College of Tragedy to make your party’s weaknesses shine.

This subclass is best for those who are sympathetic and can play a part in a plot. These characters should have high Charisma, Bardic Inspiration, and a lot of hit points. A Tragedy Bard can use this feat in combination with the College critical hit mechanic to help them survive a battle. Below is a table that lists the benefits of playing a Tragedy Bard during a campaign.

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