Colorado Springs Shooting Today

Colorado Springs Shooting Today

A shooting occurred today in Colorado Springs, Colorado, near Pikes Peak Avenue and South Academy Boulevard. The shooting caused several casualties. The suspect was not immediately identified, and the motive is still unknown. The Colorado Springs shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in Colorado since March 22, according to the police department. A homicide/assault unit is investigating the crime. A statement has been issued by the police chief. He thanked the community for its quick response and praised local law enforcement officers for their efforts.

One of the victims was a former boyfriend to the suspect. He drove to the party, entered the residence, and started shooting. He then took his own lives. Police are investigating how he got to the party in the first place, and why he chose the day that he did. The suspect didn’t invite the victims to the party, and took their lives. He had previously been convicted of a crime against a female. The victim was her two children. The suspect was also the male lover of one female victim.

The suspect has been identified by Colorado Springs police as Teodoro Macias, 28. He was in a relationship with one of the victims for about a year. He was known for being controlling and jealous. However, he did not have a criminal record or a protective order against him. He was also living in the same apartment complex as the victims’ extended families. The police have not released the names of the other victims.

The suspect was arrested after a police investigation. During the investigation, Colorado Springs officers discovered a broken window close to the suspect’s home. The suspect was later found to be in the 1800 block of N. Union Blvd. He was able flee the scene without incident. Police are asking for information about this case. Although the incident was a robbery it was not reported that any other injuries were sustained. Crime stoppers urge the public to call them for assistance.

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