Colorado Springs Shootings

Colorado Springs Shootings

Police in Colorado Springs are investigating a series of recent shootings that have left at least one person dead and several injured. The first shooting took place near the intersection at South Academy Boulevard, Pikes Peak Avenue. When officers arrived, they were unable to locate the victim. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a life-threatening injury. Detectives from the Homicide/Assault Unit are currently investigating.

Police have identified the suspect, Noah Jacob Harpham, as the gunman. The shooter is a recovering addict who uploaded a video to the internet two days prior to the massacre. Also, he was believed to have been in a relationship and with the female victim. The identities of the other victims have not been released by police. According to reports, the shootings were an act of terror and that the shooter was the only one responsible.

The shootings in Colorado Springs have sparked an outrage among both pro-life and anti-abortion activists. Despite the raging debate over abortion rights, political leaders and the anti-abortion movement reacted with varying degrees of caution. Pro-life advocates claim that Planned Parenthood promotes the commercialization and sale of aborted baby parts. Planned Parenthood denies selling aborted fetuses but failed to mention Colorado Springs clinic.

In a statement from the family of the deceased, Harpham’s killer, Benjamin Broadbent, said Harpham was “unpredictable.” He had had two victims in recovery from alcoholism and previously struggled with alcoholism. The victims, Chris Bowman and Teresa Willingham, referred him to a drug rehabilitation center. Authorities did not release the names, however, until autopsies were completed.

The suspect has not been arrested as of yet. The suspect is a white male approximately six feet tall and wears a hunting outfit, boots, hat, and boots. Police have penetrated nearby businesses and are still searching for the suspect. Six victims were taken to Penrose-St. Francis Hospital, Memorial Hospital. Their conditions have not yet been disclosed.

The gunman was inside the Planned Parenthood Building when he began firing at the officers. Despite the fact that he was armed, he was also shooting at passing cars. While the suspect remains at large, the two wounded officers were moved to safety, while a third officer was also evacuated. Authorities say they are still investigating the shooting but have yet to speak with him. The shooting is the latest incident in Colorado Springs that has caused multiple casualties.

The active shooter at Planned Parenthood’s Centennial Street location remains at large. El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, police and the University of Colorado are all present at the scene. The suspect is being investigated by the FBI, ATF, and local police. The Colorado Springs Police Department is currently investigating the circumstances and motive behind the shootings. The Colorado Springs Police Department is currently coordinating the investigation and is waiting for more information.

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